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Laszlo Weisz

Profile Updated: July 6, 2012
Spouse/Partner: Avra Coblentz Weiss
Children: 3 loving sons (David, Jeffrey, and Michael) and 12 beautiful grandchildren: Yonatan, Aryeh, Ilan, Oliver, More…Samuel, Charlie, Jane, Isaac, Sarah, Kinneret, Chana and Tova.

Leslie B Weiss (Laszlo Weisz while at Mumford) was married to Avra Coblentz Weiss for 47 years before he passed away at age 69. He is listed on our "In Memory" page as, Leslie B. Weiss.

Leslie co-founded Brooks Leather Sportswear and later owned and operated Laszlo's Leathers in downtown Birmingham. He was also very active in the first-ever Maccabi Youth Games held in the United States.