Mumford Photos

Many galleries of pictures (well, six, so far) for you to look through.

The first gallery of pictures taken at the '61 reunion's brunch at the school on August 28, 2011.

In case you are not aware of the impending doom with Mumford, it is scheduled to be torn down at the end of the school year in 2012.  The Detroit Public Schools are building a new school on the grounds of our old football field.  The new building looks extremely institutional at this point, not our old familiar art deco design.

Hope these photos bring back some pleasant memories!


The second photo gallery has pictures taken by Will McLeod of the "new" Mumford High School.

Very interesting views.


The third group of photos, all taken by Joel Hearshen, are of the outside of Mumford and the surrounding area.


The next group of photos of clippings about Mumford was contributed by David Haron. 


The another group of photos were taken at pre-reunion event hosted by Susie Raphael.


Eight of our classmates have taken the opportunity to add lots of reunion photos taken on August 25, 2012. 

If you would also like to add photos, it is very easy to do.   Just click on the icon labeled "Reunion Photos" and after the page loads, click on "add/edit photos".   Please remember to push the "save" button after you have put in the pictures.




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